Choose equipment that will benefit your business

All of our equipment is certified to work with our Cash Discount Program. Unlike most companies we are able to do this program on multiple platforms so you don't have to make it fit your situation. Most of what we have is compatible with the other systems so you do not have to choose only one way to process. 

Processing Equipment

Traditional Terminal


Basic countertop terminals that process over phone lines or direct wired into your router for IP processing. 

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Mobile Swipers


Swipers that can plug into the audio port of your smart phone or tablet. We have a  super easy to use app.

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WiFi and Wireless


A traditional terminal with all the bells and whistles. WiFi connection or full blown wireless for people on the go.

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Smart Terminal


A mini Point of Sale that works over WiFi or wireless. Choose from tons of apps to make your business run smoother.

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Point of Sale Systems


Full sized Point of Sales. For businesses that want more automation. We have both retail and restaurant builds. 

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Web Gateways


Our gateway is capable of reoccurring transactions, invoicing and running cards in store. Pairs with the mobile swiper if needed. 

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