Cash Discount Credit Card Processing Done Right

What's a is a Cash Discount Program???

What's your company's Goal?

Keeping Your Cost's LOW

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Add an Additional Revenue Stream

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Increase Customer Loyalty

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Our Cash Discount Flex Program



The focus of the this program is to Eliminate Fees and save you money on credit card processing.

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Don't just eliminate fees. Make money from taking cards by adding an ATM to your business.

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This program is built to be more comprehensive. You can customize this program to your business. 

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Introducing the Newest Way to Cut Fees


Cash Discount 2.0

Our Cash Discount 2.0 is for everyone

Almost everyone in business has heard of Cash Discounting by now. But you have been reluctant to implement it because your customers are different. They won't pay a service fee to use their card so you are stuck with the monthly costs of taking them. Even as much as you would like to eliminate those fees you can't. Until now! 

We have developed the technology and processes to reduce if not eliminate your fees without putting a service fee on your customer's.  

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Check out our section on our Cash Discoun 2.0 program and see how it can help your business today.

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