Gift Cards

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Gift Cards are a great way to add another personal touch to your business. With our Gift Card Program you can choose to have fully customized cards or standard cards. The Gift Card Program we offer is compatible with our Cash Discount Program so you only need the one terminal to do it all. 

Sell a Gift Card and see instant profits. When you sell a Gift Card, you get the cash up front for the value of the card. You add the value to the card with our terminal so they can be in any denomination. After the sale 80% if the cards you sold will find their way back. 20% end up never coming back in. That means you sell a piece of plastic for $20 and on average $4.00 for every $20 never gets redeemed. 

Gift Cards have become a multi-billion dollar industry all on their own. Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and pretty much anything in between are a reason to give someone a Gift Card. When you have your own card program you can capitalize on this trend. 

Revenue plus free advertising, no way! That's right! When you have a custom card that has your business information on it and logo, you essentially have walking advertising. Anytime somebody sees that card, your business comes to mind. In recent studies people who use a Gift Card spend 20% more than their Gift Card holds in value. 


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