Mobile Swipers

Mobile swipers are becoming more and more popular for all types of businesses. They are very easy to use and will plug into the audio port of almost any smart phone or tablet. All you need is to download our payments app, set up your information up and you're ready to take cards.

These swipers are versatile. You can pair them with a traditional terminal, web gateway or Point of Sale. You are also able to use multiple swipers with one account so you can have them with your employees if they are out on service calls. 

We have a few different apps and swipers to choose from to fit your needs. All of our mobile options are very user friendly and will also automatically calculate the service fee for you. You are able to email or text the receipt right from your device. 

In most cases we will gladly set you up with one of these completely free of charge. Additional fees may apply if you need multiple devices or if you are adding it into additional processing methods. 

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Very easy to use and in most cases completely free. 

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