Web Gateway

Web Gateways are a popular choice for service, manufacturing and medical businesses. They are literally a website that you log into and access your interface. From there you can process a transaction via a USB Swiper or key enter the card.

Our Web Gateway is customizable to your business. If you would like a plain form to just enter in the card information to process or a full customer vault that allows you to keep track of your customer's information, we have it. 

Our Web Gateway is capable of running all kinds of transactions. From single use transactions to reoccurring. You are able to send invoices to be paid via email to save time. We also have the ability to store the customer's card information so that you can charge it again if they are a frequent customer. 

We are secure! All of the information you put into the site is secured and masked. Even if you are doing reoccurring transactions or storing card information we hold that on our end so that you are PCI Compliant and do not need to worry about breaches. 

Our Web Gateway is very user friendly and will offer you all the reports you could ever want. It will automatically add the service fee for you. We offer this as a free service to you. There is no set up or license fee with this service. 

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Our Web Gateway is a great alternative to traditional ways to process cards.

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