Clover Flex

Our solution for Smart Terminals is the Clover Flex. The Clover Flex is one of the coolest terminals ever made. It has a small footprint and is completely wireless. It is also adaptable to your business needs. 

The Clover Flex will connect over WiFi or 3G and comes with a charging station so you can charge it when not in use. It features an Android interface and has a built in printer and EMV reader. With the Flex you will capture signatures on the screen and have the receipt print right there. 

The Clover Flex will grow with your business. With hundreds of apps on the market you can start out small or add all kinds of apps to help your business run smoothly. These terminals are perfect for those who want the flexibility to move around with their customers. They are a great addition to a business who has thought about a Point of Sale but doesn't want to spend the money on one.

Clover Flex's are also compatible with the other Clover devices so you can use them along side of them. They are becoming a great addition to restaurants who have our Clover Station so that servers can do pay at the table transactions. 

We are happy to review your business needs and see if you qualify for a free Flex. Let us know what you are looking at and we can help out! 

Clover and Clover Flex are property of Clover Network Inc. We are resellers of their services and devices.

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The Clover Flex is one of the coolest and most well rounded payment devices ever made.

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