WiFi and Wireless

Whether you're a merchant who travels for shows or you've decided to cut the cables, we have you covered with our WiFi or Wireless terminals. Each of our options is essentially a traditional terminal that is capable of processing without wired connections.

WiFi terminals are countertop terminals that still plug into power but you do not need a phone line or networking cable plugged in. They connect right into your WiFi or Hot Spot. Once they are configured they will remember the connection so that it automatically connects should you move it or lose signal. 

Wireless terminals are 100% wireless. They connect over a 3G cellular network that we set up for you. They come with a battery pack that will keep you up and running for days. The only time you need to plug it in is to charge it. Since these terminals use a cellular network they are unreliable in rural areas.

Both of our options are fully EMV complaint and offer contactless payments. They will both calculate the service fee for you and print out receipts. These terminals are also the same size as a traditional terminal so they will work in limited space.

Due to the high up front cost of these, we do offer them as a free loaner terminal in some cases but not in all. With the Wireless terminal we set up the network so you do not need to add a cellular line to your plan. Let us know what your looking at and we will be happy to lower the cost or give you one. If you do need to purchase one the most you will ever pay is $350.00. 

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These terminals are perfect for those who are out of the office or do not have the utilities to process cards traditionally.

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